We're 40 years old and we've never looked better!

Welcome to the SysMacht Company website – brought to you by MTC Holding.

We can supply you with every imaginable type of Door Handle, Door Knob, Door Furniture, Cabinet pulls and Window Furniture, as well as Locks, Bolts and Latches, Hinges and Accessories.

How our manufactory design and works with handmade

The SysMacht collection line is designed to provide a wide range of styles and options, allowing customers unique solutions for many types of applications. Our design strategy is largely driven by you, our customers, and what you value. Good design also requires sound engineering behind every product, which is why we use state of the art CAD-based systems allowing us to produce highly custom products while insuring our quality control meets precise tolerance level requirements.

Our craftspeople: casters, welders, machinists, assemblers, finishers and inspectors alike, are dedicated to the idea that each product will provide a lifetime of solid performance. Because form is nothing without flawless performance.

Our office and warehouse is situated in Amersfoort, Netherlands.


Absolutely EVERYTHING you find in our gallery can be customized. Whether you need a basic dimension change or a comprehensive overhaul, all you have to do is “Contact us!”, you’ll see throughout the site.

Customers often ask us to manufacture bespoke products they’ve designed themselves. Sometimes they want handles bearing logotypes, monograms, or castings of the very products they sell inside their business.

Become a Distribution Partner

SysMacht Distributors play a key role in managing resellers, processing orders for SysMacht products, and marketing Sysmacht products. As a Distributor, you will benefit from special incentives and programs, strategically align with our global sales teams and receive training to keep current with SysMacht products and the technology segment. Through joint activities like co-marketing programs and social media campaigns, SysMacht actively supports the growth and continued success of our partner network. In addition, we provide access to tools that streamline your order tracking and transactions.

We are always interested in opportunities to increase the distribution of our products. However, there are a number of conditions for this. Contact us and together we will see what we can do for each other!